Sporting Aims

Sporting Aims at Ysgol Licswm.


At Ysgol Licswm we believe in developing the whole child beyond the academic area. We do this by carrying out a wide range of Physical Education Activities.

Since 2003 Ysgol Licswm  has adopted to follow the ‘Dragon Sport’ programme for sport.

Dragon Sport is an initiative of the Sports Council for Wales that has developed in partnership with national governing bodies. The British Association of Advisors and Lecturers in Physical Education (BAALPE) Wales, The Youth Sport Trust and Local Authorities.


Dragon Sport objectives are;

ü  to  establish Dragon Sport clubs at Primary Schools and sports clubs

ü  to recruit and train Dragon Sport volunteer sports organisations, leaders and coaches in particular teachers and parents.

ü  to make sport FUN for ALL children


All Dragon Sport Information is available in the Dragon Sport file.


In addition to these Dragon Sports Objectives at Ysgol Licswm we aim to:-


ü  deliver the Programmes of Study and Attainment Targets as stated in the National Curriculum,

ü  provide a wide range of sporting activities

ü  to teach the children to swim correctly and have awareness of safety in and around water

ü  to provide children with Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

ü  to teach children the benefits of sport to their health

ü  correct time allocation for PE

ü  to provide an opportunity for sport outside the National Curriculum

ü  to know the importance of teamwork.

ü  to recognise how to keep fit and healthy


We are proud of the sporting opportunities we offer, the resources we have and the competitions we have won. We currently teach, rugby, football, rounders, swimming, tennis, athletics, dance, gymnastics as part of lessons during school time.  In addition to this we offer children the chance to join one of our school teams which enjoy attending many of the county’s festivals and tournaments, and competing in inter-school matches.

We currently have teams representing the school in rugby, football, hockey, rounders, cricket, and athletics.

Here at Ysgol Licswm we have good sporting facilities and resources.

We have a netball court, which can be adapted for hockey and tennis and a football pitch with fixed 7 a-side goals which can be adapted for tag rugby.  We also have a rounders pitch and athletics track.

Sport is well resourced having all the equipment for the sports that we provide. We have the Dragon Sport Advisers who help in school along with the FAW coaches, and other sports development officers.

We are very proud of our sporting activities at Ysgol Licswm  and believe we are fully achieving our aim of…..Sport is FUN for ALL.