School Uniform

School Uniform

          Ysgol Licswm has a uniform that all children should wear.  It gives the school identity, is practical for working in and saves arguments over what to wear each morning!  It is readily available from:

          Forrester Sports

          2 New Street


          Tel 01352 759482


The School colours are Navy Blue and Yellow.


Indoor wear – Autumn and Spring Terms

Navy Sweatshirt (with or without logo)

Navy Cardigan (with or without logo)

Yellow Polo shirt (with or without logo)

Navy trousers (NOT tracksuit bottoms or sports wear)

Navy skirt

Sensible shoes (NOT trainers or ‘Ugg’ style boots)

Outdoor wear

Navy Fleeces (available with logo)

Hats – woolly or baseball (available with logo)

Summer wear (as above or…)

Yellow and white striped or checked dress

Navy shorts


Navy shorts

Yellow T-shirt (not football shirts)

Correct footwear as directed by the P.E. teacher e.g. outdoor trainers, indoor plimsols, football boots (only if they have them).



Our playground is very exposed to the wind, so please make sure your child has a warm coat that can be fastened, warm gloves and a hat in the cold months.  There is also little shade from the sun in the summer, so it may be ideal for you to apply sunscreen to your child before they come to school and send them with a sun hat, if the weather is particularly hot.


Hair Accessories

Hair accessories such as slides, ribbons or bobbles should be fairly simple and if possible in the school colours.  Children are not expected to have coloured or dyed hair or have elaborate shapes shaved into their hair.


For safety reasons we ask that children do not wear any jewellery in school.  A watch and stud earrings are acceptable.  We ask that stud earrings are not worn for school on a P.E. day.  If your child has just had their ears pierced and must keep the studs in for 6 weeks they will be covered with micropore tape for the P.E. lesson.  It is not acceptable for any child to have any other body or facial piercings.


Every week at least one item ends up in the Lost Property box and many items are never claimed!  We therefore ask you please to label all items of uniform and P.E. kit.


Any expensive items brought to school must be covered by parents’ insurance.  Parents sending children to school with such items do so at their own risk.

Storage of P.E. Kit

Foundation Phase keep their P.E. kits in a drawstring bag on their pegs and they may be taken home on a Friday as often as you wish for washing.  They will be sent home at the end of each half term.

Key Stage 2 pupils just bring their kit to school on the day of their P.E. lesson.  Room is short in the KS2 cloakrooms so as small a bag as possible is appreciated by all who have to share that space.


We adhere to the Holywell Consortium Group of Schools’ dress code, which includes hair, jewellery and clothing.  



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