School Meals

School Meals


          Our school meals are very popular.  The menus are varied and designed to appeal to children.  Fresh fruit is always available.  Apart from the main meal, jacket potatoes and packed lunches are also provided.  The menu for the week is displayed on the notice-board, and on the website, so meals can be chosen for the coming week.  Children can have meals every day or choose the days they like best. 

          Meals should be paid for at the beginning of the week, so it can all be banked at once.  Money should be sent to school in a sealed envelope with the following information written on the front:-

  Name of child

  Days dinner is required (and what they would like to eat, if FP children)

  Amount of money sent


Most Fridays are ‘Spotty Bag’ days with fun food ‘McDonalds’ style – very popular.  There are regular ‘lucky bag’ days with prizes to be won.  There have also been occasions to raise money, such as a Teddy Bears’ Picnic which brought in £67 for NSPCC.