November Newsletter / Cylchlythyr Tachwedd

Cylchlythyr Tachwedd / Novber Newsletter

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The consultation on our school becoming a church school runs until 11th November.  The Governing Body would very much appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to respond to the consultation to show the County Council that the community is aware of and actively involved in the next stage of securing our future.  Your support in this is very important as it determines if our school has a future.

The link is:-

School Phone Number

Our number is 780455.  If you do ‘call back’ or ‘redial’ after we have phoned you will just get through to the fax machine and no answer machine can take you message!! 


Please ensure you dial 780455 if you need to speak to us or leave a message.  Our phone network is complex – sorry!  Put us in your phone book on your mobile to ensure you get the correct line.


Dates for the diary


Thur 7th November at 9am

Tempest Family photographs

Bring younger siblings if you wish at 9am.

Tue 12th November at 3.30-6

Parents Evening for Yr1-6 Please complete your booking forms coming home today

Fri 22nd November

Non-uniform in aid of Christmas fundraising raffle



Wed 11th & Thur 12th December

Evening performance of school play

Wed 11th December

Christmas lunch

Thur 19th December

Christmas party lunch and panto



Non-uniform day

There will be a non-uniform day on Friday 22nd November.  If pupils wish to wear their own clothes they need to bring £1 per pupil that will be used to buy items for the hamper in the Grand Christmas Raffle. This along with our ticket sales from the Christmas play are our main fundraiser events.  This year we need to raise money to replace our original iPads that are now beyond upgrade!!


Crisp packets

The eco committee are collecting crisp packets for Chester Zoo elephants. If you have any crisp packets please don’t throw them away in your home bin, please bring them to school.

There is a big white bag in the school hall and that is where you will put them if you bring them in. This is a very important way to help Chester Zoo’s elephants find a way to make them better from the illness they are getting.

We hope you understand.

Thank you.


Uniform Exchange

The eco committee would like to encourage uniforms to be re-used until they have had their full wear.  We currently have a variety of things so please come and have a look.  If you have any to donate please give to Mrs Howarth.


Names on uniform and PE kits PLEASE


School Dinners & dealing with debts

It is very important that you keep on top of any debts in school lunches.  We don’t like to see anyone build up large debts so the limit is 1 week’s worth - £11.25.  After this amount you will be asked to provide sandwiches from home until the debt is cleared and the next week’s dinners are paid for in advance.    It is a parent’s duty to arrange food for their children.


Early Entitlement Nursery

Application to apply for a place in our Early Entitlement Nursery in January 2020 is now available on the website


Admission to Nursery and Reception September 2020  

If your child is in Nursery, the application form for a place in the Reception class in September 2020 is now available.  Please go to to open an account and access the admission application form.  Closing date 22nd November 2019.


Library Van  

The van is here every 3 weeks on Tuesdays.   It will be at the usual time - from 3.15 until 4pm. The dates for the future Tuesdays are:- 5th Nov, 26th Nov.

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