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June Newsletter / Cylchlythyr Mehefin

Cylchlythyr Mehefin / June Newsletter

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We have been very fortunate to have been selected by Kingspan to be the recipients of their funding and work.  Staff and pupils will be working together to create a ‘wish list’ of the things we would like in our school makeover.  The work will be done on 20th September. We will keep you updated with what we are asking to have done.


Exemplar Education

You will have received an envelope from Exemplar Education which is a home-based complement to school work.  As many of you ask what more you can do at home to support your child’s learning we have agreed to distribute leaflets on this service.  If we get enough replies back even if they are all ‘No’ the school will get £50So if you could return them by Thursday 13th June that would be wonderful.  You may find the system useful, and whatever, you will have help raise some funds for school.


Breakfast Club

Children MUST arrive to eat before 8.30, in order to have finished before Breakfast Club finishes at 8.45a.m.


Eco Committee – Recycling Plastic with The Body Shop

The Eco Committee would like to tell you about a great scheme with the Body Shop

If you take your bottles back to them they will ensure they are recycled correctly into something new, and if you are a Body Shop member will get £5 on your account for every 5 bottles!  Also they are paying good wages to teams of workers in India to clean up the rivers and beaches of waste plastic.

Classes in our school hall

  • ·        
  • ·         Yoga – Thursday at 7pm

Please support these classes in your local village in order to keep them running.


Balance, Mind Body and Soul Yoga Sessions

Yoga sessions held at Lixwm School on Thursday night at 7pm to 8pm. Do come and join us. Lovely friendly group, everyone welcome, all abilities catered for. Gentle stretches, breathing and meditation. Call Jane for further information on 07977 048469.


Library Van

It is normally on school playground from 3.15 until 4pm. The dates for the future Tuesdays are:-

11th June & 2nd July


After School Clubs – (see website or signs on door for weekly schedule and changes)

School Dinners & dealing with debts

We ask that everyone pays for their school meals for the week ahead in advance on the weekend before, so everyone begins the week in credit.  Any meals not eaten are not charged for and will carry forward to the following week.

We don’t like to see anyone build up large debts so we are reducing the amount of debt that can be accrued in school dinners to 1 week’s worth - £11.25.  After this amount you will be asked to provide sandwiches from home until the debt is cleared and the next week’s dinners are paid for in advance.  Please remember it is a parent’s responsibility to provide food for their children.

If you are experiencing any issues paying for dinners, please speak to Mrs Howarth or Mrs Tandy in confidence and we can see if you are eligible for free school meals, or put a plan in place to recoup the debt as soon as possible.


Swimming Dates are Thursday 13th, 20th & 27th June


Advance Dates for the diary

Friday 28th June at 1.30pm Sports Day (Change of date)

Friday 28th June Eco Committee Uniform sale (after Sports Day)

Friday 12th July 7pm Wine tasting (details to follow)

Fri 19th July School closes for summer

Tuesday 3rd September – School re-opens