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Monthly Newsletter - Friday 5th October 2018

Cylchlythyr Hydref / October Newsletter

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New Chair of the Governing Body

Our new Chair of the Governing Body is Mr Mark Cockburn, whose son Harri is in Yr3.  The governing body would like to give thanks to Mrs Ann Rowlands who has been chair over the past few difficult years, for her calm head and wisdom during this time.  Mrs Lisa Miller was appointed as Vice-Chair.

Dates for the diary

Diwrnod Su’mae  Friday 12th October

The pupils would love you to pop in during the afternoon of Friday 12th October between 1.30pm and 3.15pm to have a drink and a cake/biscuit and to enjoy some fun Welsh activities with them. The Years 2/3 and Years 4/5/6 classrooms will be open to visitors so that children can share Welsh books with you or show you games they play which you can join in with or have a go at. It is an opportunity for the pupils to use their Welsh with others, not just staff. It will be lovely for them to learn some Welsh from visitors or have a go at sharing their Welsh with some other learners so all Welsh abilities welcome. Come and ‘have a go!’ is the theme of Diwrnod S’mae.

Fri 12th October We are celebrating harvest in our assembly with Rev Lorraine.  If you would like to send food items for our local food banks, please send in during that week from Monday 8th October.

Thur 8th November – Family group or individual photographs 9.00am.  Bring younger brothers and sisters if you like at 9.00am.

Fri 9th November – closing date for secondary school forms.  If it’s late you have very little chance of getting your first choice, County say!

Library Van

The library van will be here on the playground on Tue 9th & 23rd October from 3.20pm to 3.50pm.

Keep Fit

Our school hall hosts two classes to give you the opportunity to keep fit. 

  • ·        Pilates - Tuesday at 6pm
  • ·        Yoga – Thursday at 7pm
  • ·         

Snack and Lunchboxes

Just a gentle reminder that schools must follow the healthy eating food advice found in the guidance publication ‘Healthy Eating in Maintained Schools’ which says schools should :-

  • ·         have a greater emphasis on health and well-being throughout the whole

school curriculum to educate children on healthy eating and the benefits of

it, with the aim of improving children’s decision making around food choices

  • ·         promote consistent messages about healthy eating throughout the whole

school day, and linking healthy eating to the food and drink provision within


So we ask that pupils do not bring sweets and chocolates (e.g. Milky Way, Mars bar) to school as part of their snack or lunch.