All children have homework to some extent and it increases as your child moves through the school.  The reasons for homework are :-

ü  To practise skills learnt in school e.g. reading, maths

ü  To learn facts e.g. spellings, times tables

ü  To gather information for school work e.g. find out about your grandparents’ experiences in World War II


Your child’s teacher will explain what is expected in each class.  At Key Stage 2 your child’s homework should take between 15 and 30 minutes.  If your child is having difficulty completing the tasks in that time please speak to their classteacher.


Foundation Phase

          Your child may sometimes bring home Story Sacks or Maths Sacks.  These include stories, games and activities to be shared with you.


Reading Books

          When your child brings home a reading book they will also bring home a Reading Record which the teacher fills in each time they hear your child read.  There is space in there for you to put your comments when they read at home with you.  This liaison between home and school is actively encouraged.  As your child becomes a more independent reader their teacher will ask them to fill in the comment part of their reading record, but as parents you are still welcome to liaise with your child’s class teacher through this reading record if you so wish.


Children are expected to read 5 times a week and learn their spelling on 4 occasions throughout the week.


          Research over the last 20 years has shown that children whose parents work with them improve more than those who work alone.  We greatly appreciate your involvement in your child’s school work.