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Home/School Liaison

          Education is based on partnership with parents.  You are the first educators of your child and we value and build upon the start you give them.  Your support to the school as you work with your child at home, and through voluntary activities and fundraising events is very much appreciated. 


          In the term before your child starts school, we invite the parents into the school, so the children can be introduced to their classroom, teacher and classmates, and we can start to get to know each other.  In the Foundation Phase, it is easier to stay in touch with you as we see so many of you at the school gate.  If you need to have a word with your child's classteacher then do pop in after school.  Avoid mornings for longer discussions, as everyone is so busy.


          Our main method of communicating with you is by letter, which your child will be given at the end of the school day. But we also will text you if the information is very important or short notice - make sure your mobile numbers are up to date with the school office. There is also a fortnightly Newsletter.  Some parents have elected to have their newsletter sent electronically which suits them and is more eco-friendly.  Just let the office know if you would prefer this method.  It will be beneficial to you and us if you ask your child if they have a letter each evening, as many are still seen crumpled at the bottom of book bags weeks later.  At the beginning of the school year you will be sent a Whole Year Diary of Events giving you advanced warning of the main events of the school year e.g. Sports Day, Parents’ Evenings and Play Performances.


          There is are Parents’ Evenings in the Autumn and Spring terms and a written report on your child each summer.  However if you are ever at all concerned about your child do not hesitate to come and see us straight away.


          When your child starts at our school you will be asked to sign a Home/School agreement.  This states what the school’s responsibilities are towards its pupils, your responsibilities as parents and what the school expects of its pupils.  There is a different one for Nursery – Year1 and Years 2 – 6.


           During the school day our staff act ‘in loco parentis’.  This means that we have the same rights and responsibilities as dutiful parents.  Teachers must be obeyed at all times and are responsible for your child’s safety.