Governors of Ysgol Licswm

All governors are volunteers who give their time freely and lend their expertise from other walks of life, to assist the staff in the smooth running of the school.

Name                              Governor Type                           End of Office date

Ann Rowlands (Chair)       LEA appointed                           Sept 2018

Mark Cockburn (Vice)        Parent Governor                        June 2020

Dawn Wilce                      Parent Governor                        June 2021

Lisa Miller                        Parent Governor                        Sept 2018

Gwyn Williams                 Co-opted                                  June 2018

Ian Banks                        Community Governor                 Oct 2020

Rachel Henri-Joy              Teacher Governor                      Sept 2020

Alison Spooner                 Staff Governor                          Nov 2018

Catherine Howarth           Headteacher Governor   

Clerk to the Governing Body - Mrs Nia Cockburn

Governors take responsibilities for the following roles:-         

Governors take responsibility for the following Curriculum subjects or other areas:-

Governors’ Roles

Literacy – Lisa Miller

Cymraeg – Ann Rowlands

Numeracy – Mark Cockburn

Digital Competance – Dawn Wilce

Finance – Ann Rowlands, Mark Cockburn  & Alison Spooner

Buildings & Grounds – Ian Banks

Health & Safety – Alison Spooner & Ian Banks

Child Protection – Ann Rowlands

Eco – Alison Spooner

ALN – Ann Rowlands

Equality – Ann Rowlands