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Fortnightly Newsletter Friday 13th October 2017

Newyddion Licswm News

                Friday 13th October 2017/Dydd Gwener 13eg Hydref 2017

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After School Clubs

Monday – Knitting with Mrs Davies for years 2 to 6

Tuesday  - Football Years 1 to 3 with Miss Jones & Mr Smith (Charlie’s Dad)

We will be joined for football by pupils in years 1 to 3 from Ysgol Y Foel, Cilcain.

Tuesday – Year 4, 5 & 6 – Football match here with Ysgol Yr Esgob, Caerwys.

Please log in to School Comms as soon as possible and register your child for the clubs. 

Friday – Dragon Sport Football at Ysgol Y Foel, Cilcain with year 3 to 6. Some transport is available for 4 pupils on a week by week basis, first come, first served but you must speak with Mrs Howarth by Wednesday of that week. Mrs Howarth can take on the 20th but not on the 27th.   However, you will be responsible for collecting your child from Cilcain at 4.30pm. 

All clubs finish at 4.15pm.


Children’s Safety

Just a reminder from the Governing Body that should anyone be caught by a Police Officer parking on the zig zags or causing an obstruction likely to affect the safety of our children, it could result in 3 points on your driving licence.  Polite reminder please do not walk through the staff parking area when dropping off or collecting your child as this is for vehicles only and no one will be expecting to see a pedestrian.  Please use the pedestrian access through the side gate.


Tempest Photography

Tempest Photography will be in school on Thursday 26th October to take individual and family photographs.  If you have pre-school children and would like them to be included in the family photograph please bring them in at 9.00am for these photographs to be taken first.


Harvest Festival Collection

As part of our Harvest Festival, we are kindly requesting donations for the Flintshire Foodbank.  They are particularly interested to receive – tinned tomatoes, fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, rice pudding, pasta sauce, packet or tinned custard, bottled squash and UHT milk.  Please send in donations no later than Friday 27th October


On Friday 27th October we will be celebrating the 170 year anniversary of Lixwm School.  Heather, the cook will be putting on a party lunch for the children.  Please log on to School Comms and let us know choice of sandwich filling.    Parents/grandparents and friends of the school are invited to join us from 2.00pm to 3.00pm for tea/coffee and cake and browse old photographs that we have put together.  Heather will also be providing a taste tester of school meals for parents.  Please can you log in to School Comms and let us know if you are able to join us.


Dog Control in Public Spaces Protection Order in Flintshire

We have been asked by Flintshire County Council to make you aware of the following conditions that are enforceable from the 20th October.  Dog walkers are required to: remove dog waste immediately from the ground at all public locations, have a means with you to collect dog waste, dog on a lead in public spaces, when directed to do so by an authorised officer and keep dogs on leads in cemeteries.  Dogs are excluded from entering: equipped children’s play areas, marked sports pitches, playing area of specific sporting or recreational facilities and school grounds. Breach of these conditions will result in a Fixed Penalty Notice of £75.00.


Admission to Reception Class September 2018

The online Reception Class form for September 2018 will be available on from the 2nd October.  The closing date for applying is the 24th November.


Admission to Nursery Class September 2018

The online Nursery class form for September 2018 is available from 2nd October on  The closing date for this is the 23rd February 2018.


Breakfast Club

The charge for a full week is £5 or £1 per day if you wish to arrive between 8.00am and 8.15am. The charge for the term Tuesday 8th September 5th to Friday 27th October is £39.00 for the half term (this is less the training day on the 4/9).   Please pay online via School Gateway stating the days clearly that the payment is for or you may, for Breakfast Club only, send the money in an envelope, clearly labelled with child’s name and days you wish to use the club and hand this to Mrs Lewis/Mrs Bellis on first entry. Please pay on a Monday for the coming week.   Please make sure you arrive before 8.30an in order to eat breakfast.


Foundation Phase Snack – Nursery to Year 2

If you have not already done so, please log in to School Comms and pay snack for this half term as soon as possible. We do ask that snack money is paid at the beginning of the term as it makes it difficult to provide a healthy snack for the children if payment is not made promptly. 

This will be £7.80 (Reception, Year 1 & 2) and (£7.00 for Nursery) for the term – Tuesday 5th September to Friday 27th October.   Please note that this includes Year 2.


Pizza Nights – Fund-raising

On Thursday 26th October there will be a film and pizza night here at Lixwm school for pupils in Reception to year 3.  We will be joined by pupils from Cilcain school.  There will be a charge of £5.00 for the evening.   Please either log in to School Comms and let us know if your child is attending and pay £5.00. Please also let us know if you are able to help supply and cook pizzas. Thank you.  Proceeds to be split between the two schools.