Forest School & More Able and Talented

Forest School

          Here at Ysgol Licswm we value the beautiful landscape we are so fortunate to live in.  We try to get outside as much as possible in our own grounds, where we have a huge field and a wildlife pond area; or in our local forest where we run lessons on Forest School principles.  This is a private piece of woodland kindly loaned to the school by the landowner.  Forest School encourages our children to appreciate the world they live in and  have respect for the environment, as well as giving them opportunities to work in teams and problem-solve together.

More Able and Talented (MAT)

We value all our pupils and all their talents whether they be academic, sporting, creative, social or musical.  We believe in building and encouraging the whole child.  Your child’s class teacher will ask you if your child has any special interests and we are very proud to celebrate the successes of our pupils.  We seek out activities to enrich the curriculum for those who show a special flair for certain things.