All members of the school community are asked to respect each other.  They should take care of their own property and that of other people including equipment belonging to the school.  Physical violence is not acceptable, neither is retaliation.  Repeated or serious incidents will lead to exclusion.  Foul or abusive language must not be used.

          In general the children are asked to follow the ‘Code of Conduct’, which has been written by the pupils, in order to make our school community a happy and safe place to be:-

After consultation in class assemblies, the children have decided these are the behaviours they don’t want to see in our school:-

  • ·         Hurting on purpose or carelessly
  • ·         Verbal unkindness / goading / teasing
  • ·         Disrespectful to each other, adults or property
  • ·         Being dishonest / lying / lying to get others into trouble


Dining Room Code of Conduct

After consultation in class assemblies, the children have decided these are the behaviours they don’t want to see at the dining table:-

  • ·         Eating with your mouth open / talking with your mouth full of food
  • ·         Flicking food
  • ·        
  • ·         Playing with food and pretending it is something inappropriate!



Sadly there will be times when children are badly behaved.  Children need to discover where the bounds of acceptable behaviour lie, as this is part of growing up.  Children will be reminded why they should keep to the rules, but for children who have not stuck to the Code of Conduct they lose playtimes or if repeated poor behaviour in a short time period, will receive a letter home.  Parents can help by discussing the school rules with their child, emphasising their support of them and assisting where possible with their enforcement.


Merit Scheme (Dojos)

A major aim of the school is to encourage children to strive to achieve their best.  Dojos are awarded for:-

Effort and quality in classwork (merits)

Homework and spellings

Reading at home

Tocyn Iaith (using Welsh voluntarily)


Helping others or being kind

Good playtime behavior

Good table manners

Remembering PE kit

Keeping on task


Each child’s Dojo total is recorded and when they reach set totals they receive their 1st , 2nd  or 3rd  stars to wear on their uniform.  Their own totals add to the class total and the class with the most at the end of each term get a treat such as wearing their own clothes for the day.


Expectations of post 16 pupils

          Our past pupils frequently come back from the High School and call in to visit us and tell us how well they are doing.  Many of them have gone on to university, some even to Oxford and Cambridge.  The majority of our children over the past few years have attended Mold Alun High School and others have passed entrance exams for St Bridgid’s, King’s, Queen’s and Abbeygate College.



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