Equal Opportunities

            We believe we make every effort to present all activities to pupils in an unbiased way, never deeming some to be ‘boys’ activities and others to be ‘girls’.  All sports teams are encouraged to be mixed gender.  Even though there is a national problem with boys’ appreciation and achievement in reading and literacy we have had many boys achieving level 5 in English.

          We have no issues with racial discrimination.


School Security


          All visitors to the school are requested to report to a member of staff upon arrival.  Any unexpected visitor unable to produce proof of identity may be asked to leave the premises.  Outside doors are locked during lesson times but provide a fast escape in the event of a fire.  Children at playtimes are closely supervised by staff and there is no access to the playground from outsiders during playtimes. 

          All children should enter and leave the school by the cloakroom door.  These doors are then locked at 8.55am and children arriving late should report to the office via the main door.  Bus/taxi children leave school by the Nursery door accompanied by an adult.


          At the end of the school day all children are told to return to school and stay with their teacher if no adult arrives to collect them.  A member of staff will phone their parents to ascertain the problem.  The child will remain with a member of staff until an adult arrives to collect them.  No child is allowed to leave unless we are sure they are safe.  Children in Yr6 are allowed to walk home if we have had written confirmation of this from their parents.


          The building has an intruder alarm, fire alarm, CCTV and security lighting.  Parents are welcome to see our full policy for Security Procedures.