What to do if you have a complaint about our services


We do try to get everything right but occasionally there are problems and mis-understandings.  If you follow this guide we should be able to resolve your problems.


ü  Is your problem about other children, your child’s work or welfare in class? If YES – see your child’s classteacher.


ü  Is your problem about something else?  If YES – see the Headteacher.


ü  If your problem is not resolved then see the Headteacher again


ü  If you still feel there is a problem, then contact the Chair of Governors.




Do try to avoid the following


ü  Getting angry before you have heard the school’s side of the story


ü  Demanding to see the teacher immediately (it may not be possible).


ü  Shouting or abusive behaviour towards any member of staff.  Any person who behaves in this way will be asked to leave the premises and return when they are in a calmer frame of mind.


ü  Contacting County Hall before talking the school.


 Please remember, we can only solve a problem if we know about it.


Full copy of the Complaints Procedure is available on the school website.