Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy

Joining the school for Nursery or Early Entitlement

Our Nursery offers places to children, whose 4th birthday falls on or between 1st September and 31st August in that academic year.  Forms for admission are available in January.

          The  Early Entitlement Scheme allows children to start Nursery two terms earlier if they have an Autumn or Spring birthday.  If their birthday is in the Autumn term, they may start school in January.  If their birthday is in the Spring term (before 31st March) they may start school in the Summer term.  Your child could therefore spent up to 5 terms in Nursery.

          The planned admission limit for each year group is 10, so class sizes do not generally exceed 30.  If we have fewer than 10 in a particular year group, or we are below full capacity, we will find a place for them.  There are two occasions when we can exceed that limit: -

1)    if you move into the catchment area or

2)    the child has a brother or sister currently in the school. 

All admissions must be processed through County Hall, it is not at the discretion of the headteacher.


Joining the school mid-phase (part-way through your child’s primary education)

If you wish to transfer from another school, you must ascertain if there is room at our school by speaking to the admissions officer in county hall.  If there is, then you will be asked to complete a Mid-Phase transfer form.  This can now be done on-line.

We do ask that out of politeness you have first spoken to the headteacher of the school you are leaving and you should be aware that the accepting school will call to speak to the headteacher of the school you are leaving before a transfer occurs.


Open Mornings

          We offer at least one Open Morning event each year for prospective parents to see the school in operation.  This is usually late in the Autumn Term or early in the Spring Term.  If you wish to transfer at other times of the year parents are asked to phone to make an appointment to see the Headteacher in order to discuss their child’s admission to the school, and to look round (with or without their child).


Becoming part of the Licswm family                                                          

          Once admissions are confirmed each child and his or her family are invited to spend a morning with us in the term prior to the child starting nursery in the September

          Once the child has been admitted, parents are asked to keep in close contact with the class teacher to ensure that their child’s transition to a new school is a smooth one.  As soon as the child starts school the school secretary requests records from the previous school.