Additional Learning Needs

Children with Additional Learning Needs

All our children are special but some may need extra support to overcome a difficulty in reading, spelling or maths or with a physical disability.  Our Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCO) Mrs Howarth looks after the needs of all these children and is happy to answer your questions.

          All our staff are well trained to recognise early difficulties and will discuss any concerns with you the parents and the ALNCO, who will then advise, with the parents’ consent the best course of action.  We have good working relationships with speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, the medical profession and education psychologists. 

The school is equipped with ramps to allow wheelchair access to all areas and has some disabled toilet facilities.  Any additional adaptations would be completed by the local authority prior to the child attending the school.  The school is committed to ensuring that any disabled pupil is not treated any less favorably that anyone else.

          We pride ourselves on early intervention in the hope that future difficulties can be avoided or minimised.  We have programmes (e.g Catch Up reading) designed to remedy children’s difficulties before they need to be put on our register of children with Additional Learning Needs.  Once on this register they can begin to access extra support from outside specialist agencies.  Any child with Special Educational Needs in literacy will have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) written specifically for them.

          If your child continues to experience difficulties we can apply to the LA for extra help or a Statement to ensure that your child’s needs are met.

          All our children with Additional Learning Needs are fully integrated into the school and their teachers are aware of their needs and adapt lessons for them.  There is close liaison between teachers, ALNCO, support workers and parents.  At all stages, you the parents will be consulted on your desires for your child.  At the same time we do expect parents to be fully involved, by keeping us informed of any changes in their condition and/or signing the IEPs and being involved in working on their targets at home.

          We have had great success in addressing children’s needs through their years in the primary school so that by the time they reach secondary school many no longer need the support.

If your child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs and you are moving to us from another school or another county, it is necessary for us to check with the LA before offering you a place at our school.