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Fortnightly Newsletter - Friday 23rd September 2016

Newyddion Licswm News

Friday 23rd September /Dydd Gwener 23ain Medi 2016

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After School Clubs – Week beginning 26th Sept

Tue – Eco Committee meeting (Mrs Howarth)  

Wed – Athletics (Miss Jones)

Thur – Language Club KS2 (Miss Cumston)


After School Clubs – Week beginning 3rd Oct

Tue –  Eco Committee meeting (Mrs Howarth)

Wed – Athletics (Miss Jones)


All clubs finish at 4.15pm


Stopping on the zig zag lines

It is my duty to inform you that if you are caught on the zig zag lines by the Police Officer or if they request to view the CCTV coverage you may be fined. 


Breakfast Club

Following our recent letter regarding the viability of the fee paying Breakfast Club I am pleased to say that we have had enough positive responses to be able to continue to offer the earlier start time of 8.00am.

The charge for a full week is £5 or £1 per day if you wish to arrive between 8.00am and 8.15am. The charge for this first half term is - £35.00 for 35 school days – Monday 5th September to Friday 21st October.  Please send money in an envelope, clearly labelled with child’s name and days you wish to use the club and hand this to Mrs Lewis/Mrs Bellis on first entry.  Please make sure you arrive before 8.30 in order to eat breakfast.


Foundation Phase Snack

Please can we ask that snack money is paid at the beginning of the term as it makes it difficult to provide a healthy snack for the children if payment is not made promptly.

This will be £10.50 for the half term Monday 5th September to Friday 21st October.  Please pay as soon as possible and label the envelope with your child’s name.  Please note that this includes Year 2.                  


Fundraising Group

Thank you for your support at the recent fund raising meeting. Please see below proposed fund raising events:


Friday 30th September and Friday 25th November - Children are asked to bring 50p into school to buy a cake.  Funds raised will be split between the school and Macmillan Cancer Support on 30th September with all proceeds going to the school on 25th November.  It would be appreciated if any parents can bake cakes (large cakes or cup cakes), and let us know in advance how many they are baking.   If there are enough cakes left over at the end of the day we will be selling them after school.


AUTUMN FAIR – Thursday 20th October

The Autumn Fair will take place straight after the Harvest Service on Thursday 20th October at 3.15pm.  Any donations for the raffle or for the children to sell on stalls would be great!  If you know of anyone who would like an outside stall please ask them to contact school.


14th – 15th November - Pupils of all ages will be given the opportunity to paint a plate, mug or cake stand.  Parents will be asked to pay a reasonable amount (possibly £5) and the profit will go to the school.  Fun for the children to do and they make great presents!  Photos of the items and prices will be given out with the school newsletter closer to the time.



A sheet of 10 numbers for the Christmas Raffle draw will be sent home after half term.  We ask that you please sell each number for £1.00 and return the numbers to school.  They will then be entered into the raffle to be drawn on the last night of the school Christmas Play.  Further details to follow.

Mrs Howarth has said there are lots of exciting trips ahead for the children and all the fundraising will help subsidies the trips.  Lots planned for next year also, a car wash, social events, 100 club.  Any ideas you have would great to hear and if anyone would like to help please let us know.

Nia Cockburn and Holly Hollingsworth